Naresh Ganesan
Naresh Ganesan

Passionate engineer, likes research and solving real-world problems. Had the wonderful opportunity to do Masters in Management Information Systems from University of Arizona, Tucson. Some of softwares which I have built in the past for companies range from OCR for Cheques/Goverment ID, Virtual Tryon application, AI Inferencing engine for Video surveillance product using kubeflow, Video streaming pipeline using DeepStream SDK, Automated Named Entity Recognition for Structured and Unstructured documents. At present, building an awesome SAAS product using k8s @ oneDPO.


  • Algorithm design
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Deep learning
  • Kubernetes
  • Architecure design

Kubernetes tools

  • Kubeflow
  • Istio
  • ArgoCD
  • Jaeger / Zipkin

Deep learning tools

  • Pytorch
  • Tensorflow
  • Keras
  • Tessarect

NLP tools

  • Spacy
  • Flair
  • Presidio
  • NLTK

Computer Vision tools

  • OpenCV
  • DLib

Streaming tools

  • Kafka
  • Gstreamer
  • Deepstream SDK

If you would like to contact me regarding work please email here

If you would like to schedule a call use calendly. Please contact me first or I will decline the invite.